Machining Capabilities

Senior Flexonics LPE’s complete service extends to include assembly, testing and kitting

LPE has many years’ experience of machining a wide range of materials from Aluminium, to the most exotic of Inconel’s in billet, forging and casting form.

Our machining envelope, ranging from 10 to 1025mm in Diameter in CNC turning and up-to 3000/1200/1000mm in CNC milling, allows to capably manufacture parts across numerous industrial sectors.

We continue to strive to deploy, the most efficient methods and technologies across any work we’re asked to derive manufacturing solutions for.

We have a wide range of CNC machining types and associate processes which continue to expand in-line with business opportunities. An outline of the current range is detailed below:


2/3 Axis CNC Turning :- 16 off
4 Axis CNC Mill :- 34 off
5 Axis CNC Mill :- 5 off
5 Axis Grinding :- 2 off
Conventional and Jig Grinding:- 18 off
Automated Welding:- 1 off
Pressure Testing:- 5 off
CMM :- 14 off


Max Diameter: 1025mm
Max Length: 4000mm
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Max Diameter: 450mm
Max Length: 1600mm
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Max Work Envelope: 3000x1200x1000mm
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