Quality Control

Senior Flexonics LPE relentlessly pursue the elimination of waste, variability and inflexibility

Senior Flexonics LPE has developed a quality culture organisation and operating system that relentlessly pursues the elimination of waste, variability and inflexibility.

Our management system ensures the requirements, processes, tools and capabilities to produce a product consistently are in place. It also ensures employees are engaged and take responsibility for producing quality products and proactively seek opportunities to improve their processes

Senior Flexonics LPE’s Quality Management systems are approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. This emphasises our commitment to quality process improvement to achieve our overriding quality policy of ‘Do It Right, First Time, Every Time’.

Our Core Values

  • A key part of Senior Flexonics LPE’s Quality Management System's mission is to make the transition from quality inspectors as goalies to quality as a built-in process

  • Senior Flexonic LPE drive a manufacturing system where quality is embedded in the product — “not automated, but automatic”

  • We can't blame it all on Quality Assurance if there are escapes—everyone is responsible, all are accountable, and all are empowered to ensure defects are not passed on

  • DEFECTS “Do NOT make, Do NOT accept, Do NOT pass on….."

  • Our QMS is designed to ensure that we have the right environment in place to use the right processes, methods and metrics to consistently produce the highest quality products.

  • By deploying an integrated system, Senior Flexonics LPE operate a top-down approach to “built in quality” by adopting the Total Quality Management (TQM) initiatives and principles such as APQP.

CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machines

s-b11 off Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines, (CMM) with work piece capacity of up to 2m long, 1.5m wide, 0.9m height.

s-bOffline CMM programming capability thereby reducing component lead times.

s-bAll CNC machines are DNC linked to main server for record and programme retention.

s-bCMM’s are situated in temperature controlled environments.

Live Programming of Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (COSMOS and 3D Tool Software)

This enables accurate measurement of any component in real time using a 3 dimensional model and an engineering drawing. This provides the capability to compare actual measured results against the CAD data and drawings.

Approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Manual Inspection

s-bSurface Finish
11 off Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines, (CMM) with work piece capacity of up to 2m long, 1.5m wide, 0.9m height.

s-bDeep bore inspection
Olympus IPLEX RX High accuracy digital Video borescope that features the unique PulsarPic image processor to produce exceptionally high-resolution with articulation reaches inside almost any narrow or winding area

s-bSPC measurement systemsHOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C514 SPC Measurement system for measuring gear and cam shafts, articulated shafts, electric motor shafts and a wide range of grinding and turning parts

s-bMicroscope visual inspection3 X MANTIS ELITE eyepieceless stereo microscope systems with 2X-20X Magnification used for high accuracy visual inspection of fibre optic and electronic assemblies to IPC 610

s-bMechanical InspectionUsing a vast array of fully calibrated and traceable inspection measuring equipment; micrometers, height gauges, verniers, Bowers internal gauges, inspection projectors

Additional Information

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